Champions Ruunan's is cost effective on:

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If you think getting to Kog is easy youre playing bad Kogs and bad teams. From What I see of this board thats most of you. But I refuse to pander to the average, im here to help people get better.

Kog Doesnt need to spread his damage around. He needs to kill One specific person Really really fast. IE and PD add to that by giving him massive crits along with his health percentage. Thats the thing with Kog: he does so much mixed damage you cant guard against it.

Varus is like Ashe in that he needs a Team to follow up which is Why theyre higher on the Team Tier List than solo queue
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Runaan's is twice as garbage tier on Varus as it is on Kog and Teemo.

Please stop.
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All that information youre providing with that opinion is sure making this topic a better place.

Playing devilsw advocate only works if you bring something to the table. Your post literally providedw nothing but negativity
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#34CovenantPosted 1/10/2013 5:52:14 PM
I love it when my AD carry builds bad items and ends up being entirely ineffectual.


Too bad your role is to hit one guy really really hard.

AP Varus with Hurricane could be funny, though. Blighted Quiver has massive AP scaling (2% of max health per stack per 100 AP).
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Frosted_Midna posted...
I love it on Twitch.

Penta-kill machine.
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yeah, just dont build runaans at all please its pretty awful. Buy statikk shiv instead if you want some AoE
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The answer is "no one".

While Varus's kit does synergize with Ruunan's, the number of instances where you will be proccing its effects on more than 1 or 2 people is pretty limited.

Unless you are running a heavy lockdown CC team (mumu, malph, sona etc.) to hold the enemy in place for you to shoot into their team, you will probably be kiting for your life trying to burn down the enemy bruiser who is diving for you. In that case, you want single target damage and mobility, something Ruunans doesnt really help you with very much.

The item is situational at best imo and certainly not a must build on Varus every game (especially when you consider Varus's lack of escapes and mobility).
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This is incorrect.

Varus is an initiating AD. His job is to land his ult on multiple people, auto attackw once then E, then kite backwards using Q to proc on things in front.

Varus is essentially the only aoe burst carry with a kit to support it. I repeat, ruunans is cost effective on him and only him because of this.

I know because ruunans hasnt worked for you or varusw hasnt worked for you you want to believe it Doesnt work. This is solipsism at its highest.
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From: TheConductorSix | #038
auto attackw once then E

dat 6% burst
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I feel like the biggest problem with Runaans right now is that its made for champs like Varus, Cait, and Kog, long range poke champs who need to kite, something that hurricane can't do since it has no MS, compared to shiv or PD.
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