Remember when the popular opinion on gamefaqs was that Cait was bad?

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ITT: Dennis posts the only things worth reading.
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Tyrant_o_Terror posted...
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Flare the Echidna posted...
Thanks for proving my point Dennis! :D

But how does that prove your point? She was buffed often while other ADCs were nerfed.

Not that I really care, as Cait was my favorite ADC back to the whole "Cait mid" era, but your point seems to be that they had no reason to say Cait was bad, and they're providing you with reasons why they thought she was bad, and what about it was fixed by riot either nerfing other ADCs or buffing her.

The point that I had made was that her buffs were minimal. Everyone considered here like the pre-buff Eve tier of AD carries, and even before the buffs they were still wrong.
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no dude kennen beats irelia
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Cait+nunu started getting more popular. Played aggressively you force the enemy ADC behind and maybe get a kill or two. Nunu then does what he always does and makes your ADC crazy powerful while actively peeling and/or crapping all over the other ADC.
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I don't think she was too good in Season 2 even though she is probably my second favorite AD carry. She had huge issues with Ezreal and some with Kog and Vayne too preventing her from being outstanding.

I can see her being good now she is really strong in bot vs. many important champions.
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Its because no one on this board has reading comprehension

I used to argue that cait doesn't have the same late game potential as other AD carries, just compare kits... She'll still does her job as an AD just as well.

The thing is, I don't really feel cait gets the job done without nunu (correct me, I haven't really noticed anyone using cait without nunu).

A champion dependent on nunu to be viable isn't really good in first place..
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This was literally a month ago when people were calling cait trash tier.

Funny though, 8 months before that she was top tier, and ezreal was "garbage".

Now shes great again.
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cait/nunu super gay
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I still laugh at the people here that say Cait has a bad late game.
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Knight_Of_Order posted...
I still laugh at the people here that say Cait has a bad late game.

That was her main problem in S2 at least... In fact it was the thing keeping her down. Couldn't shut down Ezreal in lane or in fights too well and your team would get destroyed by him.

edit: Nunu was really Cait's only hope of somehow competing with Ezreal.