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4 years ago#201
1. ThatReallyAznguy
2. No real favorite but I go through phases. The longest though would be Jarvan IV.
3. I usually only get on to play with friends which ends up being a full house or I don't want to mix groups. They have to stay segregated.
4 years ago#202
1. Halfwaycroox
2. Talon
3. I played with you guys once and I did bad. I was so ashamed that I never came back >_>
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4 years ago#203
Airsoftcomeback posted...
CosmosYears posted...
Seph doesn't actually rage it's more like "lawl u sux" every 5 seconds, not really raging.

That game with sandwich was pure rage tho

You mean this game?

Anyone would have raged at that game, only reason I didn't is I think I was tired as hell and it was a 60+ minute game that I didn't even care about anymore.
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4 years ago#204
1. TerribleLiar

2. Anivia and Malphite

3. You didn't invite me :(
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4 years ago#205
1. Immortal Omicron

It was a smurf I made to play with my roommates but since my main was only level 5 I just kept using it.

2. Supports in general, but I've had a lot of bonding time with Soraka and Taric (that sounds a bit weird doesn't it?).

3. Because I don't play that often and I'm not really that decent at anything but support. Granted I do communicate and I'm better than seemingly 75% of people in solo que (at least from what I've seen my roommates play, I'm only level 20), but a pidgeon walking on the keyboard would beat that same 75% too.
4 years ago#206
1: Shaduu
2: Malphite, Talon, Riven, Taric, Shaco (Hmm..Maybe), Ashe, I can't think of any others.
3: I'm pretty bad and I wouldn't want anybody from Gamefaqs to suffer with my long load times .. and my lag
4 years ago#207
1: Terminator55401

2: Sona/Leona/Taric

3: I'm a support main, always scary to trust a random to know what to do. Would love to play some games with gfaqers that main adc
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4 years ago#208
1. rjsentinal
2. ezreal,draven,darius,swain
3. don't necessarily know how to but i main adc and can play top/mid with confidence.
4 years ago#209
if anyone wants to play with gamefaqs join the Gamefaqs chat in client

Just click the chat room button and type in "gamefaqs"
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4 years ago#210
Usually just play with friends
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