ATTN: Lurkers of the LoL Board. introduce yourself here!

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User Info: Nerante

4 years ago#211
1: Nerante

2: Probably Vlad, although I haven't gotten around to unlocking him yet >.> But aside from him, I'd have to say Rengar, even though Riot's messed him up badly ;( I did try Kha'zix and loved him, but I absolutely failed with him, so I refunded him and got Rengar instead.

3: Cuz I'm a lowly level 25, almost 26.
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User Info: ArtosRC

4 years ago#212
1. ArtosRC
3. Whenever I match up with posters from GameFAQs, it is as if I am always terribly outclassed in play. One can eat only so much humble pie. Also, they don't seem to take the games as seriously as I would like. After all, normals are serious goddamn business.
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User Info: wthamidoing

4 years ago#213

Asian champs

ur all bad

User Info: darkdestiny91

4 years ago#214

Riven, Warwick, Ahri

I can't play with you guys because I play on the Garena server in Singapore.

User Info: Fearoth

4 years ago#215
1. Overshadowedone

2. Lulu, Blitz, Olaf, anyone tanky

3. Ive only been playing for a short time, not very good, and pretty much only play aram's and the occasional normal now.

User Info: Disruptive_01

4 years ago#216
1. Chromedflame

2. Fiddlesticks, Caitlyn, Leona, Tristana

3. Still waiting to get level 30 and I don't have a lot of time to play more than 3 or 4 games a week.
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User Info: Keranik

4 years ago#217
1: Keranik

2: None yet, haven't played enough to experience but a handful.

3: Partly because of 2, but if anyone wouldn't mind playing with a noob and giving hints/tips feel free to add me.

User Info: Barrenite

4 years ago#218
i never realised until now how many people were just straight up ****ies.

Come on and play with us homies it's significantly more fun, no reason to be scared because you're a low level or low elo or whatever doesn't really turn us off from playing with you or anything like damn

man up
I have resigned myself to a broken heart

User Info: Shadow_toys

4 years ago#219
1. BoxGuyXL

2. Voli, Garen, Annie, Miss Fortune

3. Low level

User Info: 801322

4 years ago#220
1. beavis2323
3.i suck at this game
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