I really like doublelifts post about the current state of league

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Taking a break from reading my Korean textbook to write my thoughts on the current state of the game and the current patch. I'll probably do a vlog on this later

Top lane has become a stupid cesspool of massing potions and farming for lategame. They need to make HP pots uniquely stack to 5 so you can't start the game off with 9 pots and 2 wards.

Jungle seems incredibly weak and the changes Riot was talking about where Jungle can now carry is completely wrong. Junglers have resigned themselves to pure utility once again, and can't put as much pressure on the map due to Oracle nerfs. I liked when Junglers could actually gank (all 3 lanes start with wards now rofl)

APs need more lategame items to counteract the early snowballers that pressure them in lane. Riot randomly nerfed Deathcap and Athene's, and never compensated by buffing any other items other than DFG, which is not usable on most lategame APs.

Support is in a good position right now, I really like what they changed to make the role more dynamic and less reliant on GP10.

ADs have gotten destroyed. It was necessary but now it's gone over the top. Berserker's, Doran's, Triforce, Bloodthirster, Infinity Edge, PD, LW, Banshee's, QSS, and GA are all nerfed. When you nerf literally every single item that ADs use, you can't also simultaneously buff the champions that ADs can never kill.

-Warmogs is stupidly cheap and allows any bruiser to become an unkillable brick. ADs can do nothing to someone who rushed a 2650g Warmog's while you have a BF Sword + Vamp Scepter
-Warden's Mail is a guaranteed 20% attack speed reduction for 1100g (much too cost-effective), and Randuin's item pathing is too easy + effective.

Essentially, I feel like ADs are much too easy to shut down in the current state of the game. ADs were admittedly overpowered before these changes and now they have 2 options.

You're going to see a lot more hypercarries like Kog, Trist, Cait, Twitch who do absolutely nothing but stall the game until they get 6 items. You're also going to see MF every game because she takes absolutely no skill and low item requirements to press R and destroy a teamfight.

Hopefully Riot fixes the boring and frustrating trend of farm-for-6-items with Nunu or pick MF and wombo combo.

P.S: Holy **** please nerf Nunu already

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guess no one else does
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Anytime I play AD Carry I feel about the same, I'm still doing excessive amounts of damage and I still squish like a grape... as it should be.

Jungle I can kinda agree with, but only for early ganks... Everyone was warding post 5 minutes anyways, so a lvl 2 or lvl 4 gank was the only "unwarded" gank you could get. From there, anyone good would ward lane... Now, it's almost the opposite. A level 2 or level 4 gank isn't possible, but with the high sustain lanes running rampant, people don't have ward coverage at 5-6 minutes up until 8 minutes, when they go to buy a core item. At least, that's what I've been finding. From there, it's constantly warded again. At least, that's what I'm finding.

AP's... I don't really know. The role just doesn't synergize with me. I guess I need auto-attacks to help me deal my damage, or something. I always seem to force my opponent out of lane, but I can never pick up the kill. Maybe I need to get them lower before I go all-in. Either way, I wouldn't really be a good judge of this, but from the standpoint of top-laning, bot-laning, and jungling, they still hurt... a lot... I think the new AP items just require people to figure out their optimal itemization a bit more. You can get a good amount of utility with your AP, and a good amount of CDR with your AP, that I don't think was possible before. It was "Melt the enemy, run away while on cooldowns" or "Short cooldowns, but have to stick around longer and be more likely to die". Now I see a lot of mids that not only have great poke and all-in ability, but they actually have a lot of staying power some didn't have before, or they keep their staying power and all-in, but have gained some poke capability.

Supports for sure need to stay where they are. It's a fun role to play now, and requires a bit more strategy on both sides of the lane now than it used to.
Now these points of data make a beautiful line, and we're out of beta we're releasing on time! So I'm glad I got burned, think of all the things we learned!
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I hate doublelift he thinks he is like a lol jesus he just brags all the time as he thinks he is like the best adc NA
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Well he isn't wrong really though imo Twitch doesn't necessarily need to stall not vs. Cait or the like at least. He isn't the roamer he used to be before the stealth "rework" and even though he has never really belonged into the Triforce users + Graves club he doesn't have to drag the game. Anyone with Nunu can stall but if he is talking about draft pick that can't really be true since both sides can't have Nunu.

I have had a really nice year of LoL with Nunu but I suppose the nerfs are inevitable... I like him and he used to have counters and worthy competitors but they are all nerfed and now he is the next in line. The only way I can see him being changes is through a rework and I doubt he stays nearly as interesting and cool as he is now given Riots history with old champion reworks.

I really wish there was a "stable" version of LoL where the balance wouldn't constantly shift through rushed changes. Like how they stop the patches for major tournaments but as an option to normal LoL.
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Seems sound to me
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One second off from STP ;(
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When you nerf literally every single item that ADs use, you can't also simultaneously buff the champions that ADs can never kill.

Think that is my favorite line in the post, and I feel like it applies to a lot of Riot's balancing. They let something go for months/years, then decide to nerf it from three different angles while majorly buffing an alternative.
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I think he's referring to the oracles changes when talking about liking when junglers could gank.
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