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3 years ago#11
From: myg0t_stk | #010
they will automatically refund ddifference otherwise u can send support ticket if it has been less than a week or 2 and you will get difference back

frankly I wouldn't care even if they didn't do the reimbursement.
3 years ago#12
This is REALLY good. I don't even know which to get..
3 years ago#13
what a terrible sale
3 years ago#14
well I am buying everysingle one of them except sona and riven
since I own 0 skins for 10 champions :O
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3 years ago#15
I knew I shouldn't have bought my friend Workshop Shaco.
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3 years ago#16
someone get me tyrant swain, blackthorn shyvana, Glaive Warrior Pantheona nd sad robot amumu ):

also, they missed Infernal Alistar.
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3 years ago#17
It a sick sale , I will get 5 of them.
3 years ago#18
Battle Bunny Riven, tempting. The Sona skin, eh. The Talon skin looks great, but I don't own Talon, and I'm not sure I want to buy him just for this really.
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3 years ago#19
So I have battle bunny riven and Fisherman fizz. what about foxfire ahri and fullMetal jayce and khazix wtf and what about the draven skin
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3 years ago#20
havnt you taken enough of my money riot..
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