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Is 73 IP to much to ask for from Riot?B0o0m82/26 5:49PM
Please if you're going to support, buy a sightstone.
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fallen_acolyte232/26 5:35PM
Is Devourer the best jungle item on Cho?
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edubs142/26 5:33PM
Why does this game bring out the HATE in me?tropicalescape22/26 5:32PM
Is this game good again?gfshynobl42/26 5:24PM
URF mode on Crystal Scar is the next event.
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bd43112/26 5:24PM
srstalk, I'm surprised people bother banning Irelia
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Metal Gear Raxis262/26 5:10PM
Anyone else having framerate issues after the patch?Zenzo9622/26 5:04PM
I am going to start maining ahri, zed, lissandra, and nasusOhDrewlius32/26 4:57PM
Public Service PSA Announcement of Services to the Public: Vanilla Sonas are bad
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nissan skyline132/26 4:56PM
If this topic is bumped my stream is on.
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Kadabra025162/26 4:51PM
Ineligible for ranked mode due to previous behavior on this accountryudo50022/26 4:49PM
LF good champs to buy.EmoBanger6942/26 4:39PM
Bard is Definitely Not Blitzcrankdeathisajerk12/26 4:28PM
Anybody here have a go-to support summoner for ADC for bot lane?SpunkySix62/26 4:26PM
Jungle and Top lock in first. Rengar and Lee.
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Edgemaster70000182/26 4:14PM
Draven/Janna vs Caitlyn/Nunu
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Stephen-A-Smith232/26 4:13PM
Azir's pick rate is still steadily dropping after the nerf. Down to 1.8%.
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Mario_VS_DK322/26 4:10PM
Support main looking for easy transition champs to learn top
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MagcargoExpress122/26 4:07PM
IEM Season IX - World Championship - 1st Place (Poll)zerooriginal52/26 4:01PM