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do you think ezreal the designer gets happy when his self-insert champion is aLeo4999612/21 6:56PM
Bro'GathOhDrewlius512/21 6:51PM
Need name for Xerath only account.
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Soldier3rdClass2212/21 6:51PM
Next level Anivia wall
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baltoboulbobbi2212/21 6:48PM
Is it cheating to lane against yasuo?
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drlolimaster5512/21 6:33PM
Poachers Knife is awesome!tlalynet0512/21 6:29PM
Which ADC should I buy? (Poll)
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xTwilightxHerox1212/21 6:26PM
Last female champion you played is now a dominatrix
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ssupermario923912/21 6:09PM
Do people actually buy league of legends account? How much can I sell mine forchicksboii912/21 6:07PM
If SmurfyD requests Draven in rankedSoldier3rdClass612/21 5:20PM
would i get banned if i use hacks/ ddos
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lalelulelosop1912/21 5:20PM
What is with the whole NA and EU thing?
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Terrorknight33112/21 5:10PM
Azir helpGreenBay11612/21 5:07PM
Really starting to get tired of League's stability/bugsAKizle712/21 5:06PM
Best skill order for malzy balzy?GuilmonDX712/21 5:04PM
akali has a higher ban rate than warwick right now
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lalelulelosop1312/21 4:56PM
How long till servers upGreenBay11812/21 4:40PM
YR: They release a champ whose passive is an AD/AP version of Vlad'sMetal Gear Raxis612/21 4:40PM
i sure am glad that my hard-earned taxpayer dollars keep these servers afloat
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IndianaJones651312/21 4:39PM
I just got DDOSed AFTER a game was over?profzX812/21 4:36PM