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When you think about it, Counterplay and no Counterplay.Ogremoch89/15 10:15PM
Azir's Champion Spotlight
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Savra104449/15 10:01PM
is zac good again?shadyelf49/15 10:00PM
YR: Gnar's Wild Cards' additional effects are now classified as on-hitSeizureGoat29/15 9:58PM
Is there any way to find my ranking for last season?
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kkeevv119/15 9:52PM
Ascension doesn't give you gold for doing anything.SorrySleeping19/15 9:48PM
Would you report me?happyscrub199/15 9:48PM
After all we've seen, who do you think is getting the Ultimate skin?
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scaler24319/15 9:46PM
Riot is calling these texture updates
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FishyGoodness12129/15 9:44PM
sona has no counterplaylalelulelosop39/15 9:36PM
Sona main looking for team to get Perfect Ascenscionjaimito_vond109/15 9:33PM
Urgot has no counterplayMehicTUH_9229/15 9:27PM
Worst team on gamefaqs is now in a game, I'm fairly sure both sides will lose...Musaashi89/15 9:00PM
9/15 PBE Update
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Ctrl_Alt_FU179/15 8:49PM
Garbage Riot needs to fix their garbage game.GujinKami79/15 8:48PM
Team Avatar VS League of Legends (Poll)
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Unit1027729/15 8:44PM
Bleach VS League of Legends
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VicesLegacy299/15 8:43PM
I just suffered having a Madstone Udyr
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Metal Gear Raxis219/15 8:22PM
Anyone buy GPL/LCS/OGN icons solely for the looks?FastnFuriousx49/15 8:15PM
i would be a happy too if i was carried in all my games even if was a scrubmrbloby99/15 8:08PM