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Best Season 3 item? (and why)

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User Info: XoXMegaGamerXoX

4 years ago#1
In my eyes, Iceborn Gauntlet is one of the greatest tanky/bruiser items in the game. It comes with decent mana, cdr, armor, and ap. Plus the slow it grants is epic and provides ridiculous chasing potential early-mid game.
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User Info: Voidgolem

4 years ago#2

runner up award to New Cleaver.

User Info: Enclosure

4 years ago#3

User Info: lcodecl

4 years ago#4
Black Cleaver pre-patch. Stack 'em, and rack 'em. Win gaemz 4 dayzz
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User Info: Darkemaste

4 years ago#5
Black Cleaver, offensive item that provides ad+health+CDR in addition to being able to essentially provide allies free armor penetration in teamfights/ganks.

Directly responsible for the rise of the AD casters tbh.
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User Info: kirbyakaZ

4 years ago#6
Flask . . .

Other than that, I like Hydra.
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User Info: zeppelin312

4 years ago#7
tied between coldhands and flask, BC close runner up

User Info: chowder205

4 years ago#8
Frozen Fist or Hurricane
A CDR giving, mana increase, armor giving, and slowing sheen effect.
Perfect item for my favorite champion, Nasus.
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User Info: Ferd_Da_Bird

4 years ago#9
Sightstone. This thing is a godsend for junglers.
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User Info: JennaTahlia

4 years ago#10
gibe moni pls
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