Permanently Suspended for calling people...

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I don't understand how Riot and their ToS violates any freedom of speech. You are allowed to say anything you want. You can be as crude, non pc, or kind as you like. Whether or not that means you can keep playing THEIR game, though, is another story.

Well there are some issues with the skins and unlocks in terms of virtual property which isn't a very clear area.

No there aren't. There are absolutely no freedom of speech issues, because Riot is not a lawmaker. It isn't a question of freedom of speech any more than a restaurant kicking you out halfway through the meal because you start screaming about n*****s would be. Disregarding the fact that freedom of speech is irrelevant and being tossed around by high schoolers who have no comprehension of what it actually is, paying for something doesn't give you the right to violate the rules associated with that service.

Protip: If the one-sentence amendment starts out with "Congress shall pass no laws..." then it probably doesn't restrict Riot's ability to make rules for people who are taking advantage of their servers, unless you have a fundamental misunderstanding of what a law is.
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TC is right. People need to toughen up.

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