"Who needs a nap?" - Ezreal 2010

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User Info: KarmicDragon1

4 years ago#1
What are some of the ridiculous things champions say in this game in your opinion? Personally I don't think this Ezreal quote makes any sense whatsoever.

I also don't get one of Lulu's quotes. Something about something tasted purple. What does purple taste like?
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User Info: Shuriko

4 years ago#2
she's like a boomerang

User Info: Branchos

4 years ago#3
You belong in a garage
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User Info: bobguydude1

4 years ago#4
YOU BROKE RNG!!?!?!?!?!?!? NOOOOOOOOO!!!!- insane_pyro74

User Info: MtnJim

4 years ago#5
"A world without children... future generations will thank us!" ~ Stan Smith

User Info: LaqOfInterest

4 years ago#6
Seriously? He doesn't say "nap". He says slap. Obviously he thought a little someone needed a beating.
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User Info: _equivocal_

4 years ago#7
Who needs a... o snap!

User Info: XcaIIion

4 years ago#8
i was about to explain how lulu's line is a reference to a futurama episode, but then i noticed who the tc was. very clever, karmic. this is the upteenth time you have nearly fooled me. well played.
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User Info: KK_the_Slider

4 years ago#9
Karmic is the one person to fool me on this board.

User Info: spartanreborn1

4 years ago#10
Who needs a nap.
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