So I'm starting to love Vayne now and I'm torn between getting PD or BT first.

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I was told PD was garbage on her as a first buy. I thought her ult and my runes with that W could make up for no early game BAM.

Oh, and my girlfriend just had a baby. I made a topic awhile ago about it asking if I should name her Gragas or Irelia.

Guess which one I picked.
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Name the baby Pamela.
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Name your baby something like Annie or Diana
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all the pros do it
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Or.. (giggles)


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Hopefully you named your baby Mecha Kha'Zix

Anyway get Bloodthirster first. Basically by the time you hit level 10-11 you should have Berserker Greaves THEN a Bloodthirster. After that get Phantom Dancer. Always worked for me.

Play safe but dont be afraid to go for kills. At this point, assuming your BT is fully stacked you will be dishing out a lot of damage and attacking fast. Just use your ult and tumble to victory (breaking their auto attack etc is so fun)

Seriously name the baby Mecha Kha'Zix
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Zeal before BT helps if you need the MS.

IE before BT if you don't feel safe.
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If you plan to fight only when your ult is up, then PD is far superior to BT first.

Every other scenario, BT wins.

I used to prefer IE first until I found that BT does the job just the same except you have sustain to go with it.
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Always Bloodthirster first O_O