Cany ANY champ win a 2v1 in early game?

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My votes goes to Lee Sin.
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And I mean REALLY early game, like level 2-3 or so. And I mean win as in killing both and not just running.

I'm kind of genuinely curious as I was just in a 2v1 (with me being in the 2) and the Kat I was facing just stayed and fought like she had a chance. She was doing some ok harass damage, and I know her mark thing can cause some nice, so maybe she thought she knew something?

Granted she quit the game @ level 5 after getting thoroughly shut down Mid... so I'm guessing it was just a bad player. But it made me wonder.

2v1 mid... interesting. 500 elo detected.

Very often you will see 2v1 mid in tournaments and troll games so...
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Theorycraft wise, not exactly. A champion that can consistently win 1v2 would indicate an imbalance and a pretty large one at that or that the champion has AoE that can hit two champions and take them both out consistently.

Unless you change your definition of win.

But irrationally yes, any champion can win a 1v2 if the enemies run into towers, that's pretty silly to use that as a point.

You outlevel the 1v2 lane so if you have a lot of ranged AOE like Zyra, 2v1 is possible and it doesn't mean that that champ is OP.

Put any champ 2v1 and make it so neither party can farm jungle/other lanes, and the solo will eventually get items and levels so that they can 2v1 (Xin/Jax/Trist/Akali are good candidates)
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it's like no one in this topic bothers to read beyond 2v1
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