The most frightening ult combinations

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4 years ago#31
Amumu, nunu, jarvan, then have twitch aoe ult them to death while they cant move
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4 years ago#32
I'm thinking galio to bunch them up them mumu to keep them there and then mf/nunu along with a darius dunking them if they manage to survive that would be pretty terrifying
4 years ago#33
J4 + Wukong + Anivia.

Doesn't matter the enemy team had baron when they so foolishly clumpped together like that.
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4 years ago#34

To the arena
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4 years ago#35
Amumu, Wukong, Kennen, Ziggs

my friends and i did this once. just once.
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4 years ago#36
Top GP, mid morgana, bot nunu/mf, jungle amumu. Press R, win.
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4 years ago#37
While everyone posts AOE ults.

I think Nocturne + Shen is pretty scary like before teamfights happen.
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4 years ago#38
(>")> <(' ')> <("<)
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4 years ago#39
lulu + ren/cho


or lulu plus malphite to inniate

the knock ups...
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4 years ago#40
Twisted Fate
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