The most frightening ult combinations

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4 years ago#51
Ori, Nunu, Brand, Zyra, Pantheon. As long as they all get clustered in the middle and get hit by Pantheon on his descent, looking at over 2000-3000+ damage on every champ depending on resistances (this is level 18 with full builds).
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4 years ago#52
LazyKenny posted...
Jarvan on your team + Anivia on their team.

Now THAT is frightening.

Either on either team.
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4 years ago#53
Sejuani and MF ult.
Pretty devastating.
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4 years ago#54
olaf and tryndamere and might as well throw in Yi for fun.

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4 years ago#55
Zyra support.
Kat mid
Amumu Jungle
Malphite top
4 years ago#56
Galio, Kat, MF, Nunu, Amumu
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4 years ago#57
Different response than most of the ones here, but this was a nasty one as well. Ran into a "protect the kog" pre-made team a few days ago. AP Janna, support nunu, shen top, and jungle sejuani.

-Janna slows, knockups, and knockbacks. Shields kog if necessary.
-Shen builds pure bruiser. Anybody gets close to kog he taunts them and/or ults kog.
-Nunu ult as a spacing tool/slow. Snowballs keep you away from kog. Bloodboils the kog.
-Sejuana slows the hell out of everybody and has an amazing ult for keeping people away.

Kog AAs.

Game went into late game. We got stomped.
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