Black Hanekawa Ahri skin plz~

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4 years ago#1
so kawaii ugu desu ne warudo~

Even though she wouldn't be a fox anymore :o
4 years ago#2
white > black
4 years ago#3
Crab Urgot where
4 years ago#4
Battlecast Udyr where
This isn't 1950. Girls develop way later than they used to because human lifespans have increased - Lavos_Fanboy
4 years ago#5
Snail Annie....first day buy
*Claims Kokonoe Rin, Vita, Nagi, Evangeline, Hanyuu, Cao Cao (KM), Kaguya, and Flonne-sama*
4 years ago#6
Dota2 posted...
white > black

uh we go
"A world without children... future generations will thank us!" ~ Stan Smith
4 years ago#7
MtnJim posted...
Dota2 posted...
white > black

uh we go

the courage to make that post on this board.
4 years ago#8
I'm so proud of this board. And only if we get Hitagi Urgot, Kanbaru Wukong, Nadeko Cass( HHRRRNG) Karen Lee Sin and Tsukihi Anivia.

...Okay now I actually seriously want most of those.
"No!! Why did you put pond snails in my miso soup!?"
"Those are basket clams, grandpa." --Sankarea
4 years ago#9
IGN: Bobemmo
4 years ago#10
If you don't already play Giant Enemy Crabgot and pretend to be Hitagi, you aren't a true fan.
The time is out of joint. O cursed spite, that ever I was born to set it right!
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  3. Black Hanekawa Ahri skin plz~

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