Champions that make you say "Oh yeah. That champ exists."

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3 years ago#41
syndra. wasn't even popular when she first came out.
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3 years ago#42
Galio will always be my main but he really really hates season 3 itemization. Not his own, but all the enemies.
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3 years ago#43
Varus, Sion, and Trundle.

EDIT: Also Fiora.
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3 years ago#44
Dartkun posted...
funkys-flights posted...
Funny how fotm controls so much....a few months ago cassiopeia was top pick, nothing has changed with her once.

But I guess adcasters are pretty strong right now, and diana was very strong for a while too..

Are you serious?


Yeah... nothing changed with a champion. But EVERYTHING ELSE AROUND HER changed.

Season 3...?

Rise of the Bruisers...?

Mobility creep...?

Am I being trolled?

ppl keep forgetting this, almost all the fotm topics nowadays ignore this very fact for some reason
Memento Mori
3 years ago#45
Off the top of my head here's the list of champions that I still haven't played a single match against in S3:


I've only played one against Karma, Viktor and Zilean. They all got obliterated.
3 years ago#46

I actually see Karma often, at least relatively to the other rare champions.
3 years ago#47
Teemo, Galio, Karma, Soon

Yes, ****ing bloody teemo. Praise the Elo gods
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3 years ago#48
A crapton of them, but Poppy is the one I see the least, by far.
3 years ago#49
Trundle. I see everyone once in a while but I haven't seen a Trundle since I played him last in March 2012. I don't know why he isn't played more because there is potential for fun.
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3 years ago#50
I remember two months back when everyone whould say Kha'Zix or Zed.
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