Which champion can defend a tower forever?

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3 years ago#21
Karthus maybe?

AOE with a zhonya's! Team takes turret shots, stand in your D&D and then just get Q'd into your ult. Maybe your team will do a little damage? haha.
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3 years ago#22
Against minions? Any champion can so long as they have a way of ensuring they have health/mana.

Against champions? None can. Even if you can handle a 1V1 just fine, anything more than that will come down to dumb luck or praying you don't get swarmed.
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3 years ago#23
I remember I was on mid with Renekton and I didnt recall until I had like 3,000 gold
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3 years ago#24
So far from this topic ive gathered:
-Plant woman?

Wouldnt the barbarian king do well? just defends a tower and when he gets dived he ults.
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3 years ago#25
Even if Tryndamere ults while being dived, if it's 5v1+tower, they can just go for the tower. Plus, Tryndamere can't wave clear the minions as fast as the other champions mentioned to get rid of the armor reduction on the tower (maybe with Shiv?), so the enemy team will be doing full damage the entire time.
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3 years ago#26
anivia with homegaurd. never lose nexus.
3 years ago#27
If you're trying to calculate best chances of surviving the dive too, I would go with a tank with AoE damage like Amumu, or Malphite. Galio was mentioned and I would say he's got a better chance than others too, depending on the team comp.
3 years ago#28
Uh, no one mentions Heimer?

Dude has a passive that regens turret health and has two mini turrets he can spawn himself.
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3 years ago#29
Actually none, because if they are that fed they can just tower dive you or ignore you there while they take the tower.
Otherwise they can just split push and win the game anyway...
Sometimes it's better to leave a tower to die than lose other objectives and let the enemy team snowball (harder, in this case).
Either way the tower will be kited, or you will be poked until you die by a Jayce/Nidalee. No one can keep one tower safe forever against 4 fed players(in the cases Support didn't get kills and you didn't feed a solo lane 3 fed players then).
3 years ago#30
Lulu makes a tower dive very unappealing.
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