Which champion can defend a tower forever?

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User Info: bobguydude1

4 years ago#31
there is a lot of repetition in this thread.
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User Info: MrFail

4 years ago#32
Janna gets a shield and with AP can shield herself a ton. Her Q can knock up or wave clear with enough AP. Her W can slow a target while he is taking turret fire and her ultimate can disrupt the dive entirely. With flash ultimate she can just about guarantee a kill unless they flash back.

User Info: Sharzakenator

4 years ago#33
Galio, depending on enemy team comp. Poke poke pooke and w hen they dive you press r to live forever and ace,
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User Info: cha0s zer0

cha0s zer0
4 years ago#34
Maybe Morde, ghosts adc and proceeds to penta

User Info: Herostratus_

4 years ago#35
Arken101 posted...

with blue ya
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User Info: SoIldSnlvy

4 years ago#36
Heimerdinger. His passive heals towers and minions, plus his turrets, grenade and missiles will clear minions quickly.
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User Info: deoxxys

4 years ago#37
Any Goat on a cliff would tell you that..

User Info: hellraiser121

4 years ago#38
How is Singed not listed? He pushes lane and then goes behind the enemy turret to take out a couple more waves before waltzing back to his own turret while 3 champs lay everything on him. A Singed who is able to free farm is basically invincible. Watch AF Shy during the Season 2 Championship against CLG.EU (I think it was them?) and he can 2v1 easy without his turret.
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User Info: dennis941012

4 years ago#39
Janna > anivia > heimer > rest
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User Info: RampageRalf

4 years ago#40
Clears waves fast, Sustain with w, small push with E and Ult has fear, you can last a looooong time until they all dive you and then you can still last a while maxing the damage they take
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