So does anyone do League art?

#1Dota2Posted 1/15/2013 2:51:37 PM(edited)
Besides Sona.

my god.

i forget where one of those is from, even
but i know they're all from my sig.

I think I'm going to draw Elise drinking some drink of choice later today, maybe.

got 5 art projects due tomorrow oh lord
#2Rip_Van_WinkleXPosted 1/15/2013 2:37:18 PM
rule 34
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#3zefigPosted 1/15/2013 2:37:32 PM
I made a comic a while ago for Riot's contest.

I got a 4-win IP boost.
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#4Dota2(Topic Creator)Posted 1/15/2013 2:38:58 PM
From: zefig | #003
I got a 4-win IP boost.

you deserve 10 wins

i like it though lmao
#5ShurikoPosted 1/15/2013 2:46:08 PM
i've crafted some pretty erotic lesbian fanart in my spare time
#6Sona_BuvellePosted 1/15/2013 3:01:39 PM
#7Dota2(Topic Creator)Posted 1/15/2013 3:16:47 PM

yeah this one

i cant for the life of me remember where its from

and dis da best
#813loopPosted 1/15/2013 3:28:36 PM
zefig posted...

i like it.
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