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User Info: Ultoman2

4 years ago#51
Cait, Lux.

Though I literally never get those positions. When I do, I snipe ERRYTHANG
History is only as accurate as the Author of the Book.

User Info: Final_Hatsamu

4 years ago#52
Karthus main forevah.
M-8 "I turn the tide, by choosing to abide"
1Cross + 3Nails = 4given

User Info: mjaebersold

4 years ago#53
Anivia and Shyvana!

User Info: Saintdaniel

4 years ago#54
Leblanc, Elise
Rather than curse your lot, why not just enjoy your life? ...You could do worse.

User Info: Iravention94

4 years ago#55
Shyvana and vi
Official Shiny Flygon of the Pokemon Black and White 2 Boards.

User Info: Ctrl_Alt_FU

4 years ago#56
Lee Sin and Lux.

-Dennis, 2013
Gamefaqs: Where an on-topic topic is off-topic and having opinions is trolling.
Karma is mai waifu ||| Dennis, 2013
Hecarim & Skarner.
Miami Heat: 2012 NBA Champions | Other Miami Sports: LOL
I'm a TWSSted bastard.

User Info: themagicpainman

4 years ago#58
Singed and Thresh when he comes out.
"Combine Cloak and Dagger with Boots of Swiftness so CC doesn't stop you from moving faster toward defeat." - Frost_shock_FTW

User Info: Oximofo

4 years ago#59
Akali and Eve.
Mr. Ami Suzuki
GT: Oximofo9 PSN: oximofo9

User Info: Gainazzo

4 years ago#60
Riven & Jannah
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