Let's say you're in mid lane, which brush do you ward?

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3 years ago#11
From: samuricex | #008
OrbitalOctopus posted...
The side closest to the enemy red buff

That. More specifically Wraithes, junglers love them Wraithes.

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3 years ago#12
Depending on the jungler, their 2nd buff ramp

Most bush wards are too late, you'll have to burn a flash to get out.
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3 years ago#13
Rubyscope posted...

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3 years ago#14
Depends on the side you're willing to flee to.
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3 years ago#15
From: OrbitalOctopus | #003
The side closest to the enemy red buff
3 years ago#16
neither lol
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3 years ago#17
Neither, I blame my team for not calling MIA on the JUNGLER.
3 years ago#18
ShyGuy101 posted...
I always ward bottom brush.

If we are blue side, I ward the near entrance to the opposing jungle. In conjunction with bot's ward on dragon, we get full vision and deny the enemy jungle a chance to gank mid, bottom, and counter jungle.

On red side I ward bottom side as well. This allows bottom lane to only have to worry about warding the tri brush as there is no (easy) way the jungle can get to dragon without being spotted, plus this ward can be deep into their jungle, providing an opportunity to kill a weak jungler.

Also, I find these wards allow me to properly warn my bot lane if a gank is incoming, as well as ensure I can safely gank bot and know if I'm being followed or ambushed.

Very descriptive and helpful, thanks!

And thanks to everyone else as well!
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3 years ago#19
I ward near enemy wraithes and enemy river near blue buff.

It's situational though. If I'm playing passive farmers then I ward less and in different places.

And also dependant on who the enemy jungler is.
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3 years ago#20
I don't ward, I let myself get ganked and die then proceed to blame our jingler for not counter jangling hard enough, obviously. None of these other answers seem to be putting enough blame on their team's jongler.
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