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Playing champs based on atla/lok
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Unit1027213/26 6:18AM
i have played this game since late s1. cinderhulk most op item ever released imo
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FighterStreet403/26 5:38AM
Alex Ich and Crumbzz forming challenger team w/Yuno
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DiggleLord213/26 5:21AM
That Feel When Volume Two:Why Automated banning is a joke.
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Am_Kratos183/26 5:18AM
Nasus, what do you find better? 21-9-0 or 9-21-0?
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jd_walker163/26 5:13AM
"Oh I'll just play one more before bed"FuStillBetter373/26 5:10AM
Why didn't ARAB get new music like Blind Pick/Ranked?CreampieBaker43/26 5:01AM
If this ain't an improvement, I don't know what is.BlackBeetleborg43/26 4:57AM
Make a League of Legends kit for a Pokemon
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MehicTUH_92353/26 3:19AM
Teemo has 100% win rate in EU challenger series with 2 games playedYoukaiSlayer93/26 2:38AM
i found maybe the single greatest vi build to ever be created
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OhDrewlius183/26 2:28AM
cinderhulk singed jungleCreampieBaker23/26 1:46AM
Why did we get Secret Agent Xin Zhao and not Secret Agent Jayce?
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RushMkIII153/26 1:04AM
Do you own that champion: Day 80 Ryze (MY BAD!) (Poll)Mario_VS_DK103/25 11:25PM
Best Support? (Poll)
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HipsterSora393/25 10:57PM
What do you think will happen to the champs when they leave the League?
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Unbridled9373/25 10:42PM
C/D: Shaco requires the most planning out of any champion to do well with
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yamas11193/25 10:41PM
irelia and katarina needs more nerfsAnotherRookie13/25 10:26PM
why is it the junglers fault if their team feeds uncontrollablyDanger_Close93/25 9:53PM
I let my buddy play on my account can I get banned?SilverNeroBlast33/25 9:42PM