who beats nocturne top?

#31xRustySpoonPosted 1/18/2013 2:38:14 PM
From: Dark_Dc | #030
Seems pretty safe to me....

You know who also naturally pushes? Darius harassing.

Riven Harassing

You know who also pushes the wave for no reason?

Oh wait, none of those characters you mentioned. Darius, Riven, etc. all push the wave when harassing. Nocturne pushes it every x amount of seconds for simply CS'ing.

I'm not saying Nocturne top wouldn't work or can't work - top lane is stupid and almost anything is viable there. I just think you're taking an unnecessary risk and wasting a lot of potential by putting him somewhere other than the jungle.
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it is possible to only hit 1 creep at a time with his passive , you just have to position yourself to do it , so you can avoid pushing the lane at all.
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I beat Nocturne top.
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