First 4 pvp games as ezreal, got super fed each one. AMA

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why do you consider 4 games in lower end pvp enough for an ama?

a) I'm bored
b) how would you even know what elo i'm at, you assuming d-bag? >_>

c) why you dodge the question in an ama.

I didn't dodge the question, did you read part a? the reading is strong in this one

Oh. I was assuming you'd give a bit better of an answer than that. alrighty then.... -_-
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sorry, i really was just bored rofl... Eh, i was pleased i was doing well with ezreal, i was on GFAQs, waiting for a lobby to get together...

it's a dangerous combination, i tell you!
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way to ignore my question scumbag ezreal
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Worst AMA ever. Guy won't even answer questions.
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inb4 locked post
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