Should i get lulu as my next support?

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Suffer_Not posted...
Lulu is a combination of poke and peel. She can't save you as hard as Janna can and she can' poke as hard as Sona can, but she fits snugly between the two. And she has really good team synergy for initiation if you have a tank that wants to jump into the enemy team (Shyvana, Nocturne). If your team needs initiation your only other ranged support choice is Nami and Nami is much harder to play because of aiming her Q works.

Personally, as a support main I seek to own every support in order to have a balanced choice with which to counter pick the other team. Up to you whether or not you want to put down 6300 ip on it though; It'd be cheaper to get Janna and Sona and choose between poking or babysitting each game.

as far as supports i have soraka/sona/nunu/taric/janna/lux/morgana/zyra

but 90 percent of the time im picking taric/zyra/nunu

i've always heard lulu was a strong support and don't mind dropping the 6300 ip on her, thanks for the input
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Best support atm
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so much fun yes get her
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Lulu is a beast.

The amount of damage she can put out with just a lucky pick is insane.
And like everyone said, wise use of her spells can turn a battle completely around.
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Wrong question. The real question is why haven't you got her already?
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if you want free elo then sure