Is your desktop League related?

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shut up i already know what yours is

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Yep. Been Arcade Sona for awhile now.
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No Debra and Dexter Morgan.
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Also: That baby-sitting support picture is in my sig. It's the same as the one that other guy has as his wallpaper, and I got mine from the original topic about it a while back. So his hasn't been updated ^_^
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kirbymuncher posted...

Lol I have the same wallpaper as well
Thanks Xool :D
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has that been updated

i feel like its more lively

I dunno, I saw it here a while back and was very amused by the interpretation of supports as babysitters

A giant kindergarden picure with baby league champs?

*Looks all around*

No baby kogmaw.

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Yup, chinese version of kitty kat katarina and gothic ori on my second monitor
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Mine is all of the JL8 comics on rotate.
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Edgemaster70000 posted...
No baby kogmaw.


totally made up for by super cute ashe and baby version of sej's boar
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Nope, though if it makes you happy to hear, I do have a lot of space dedicated to pictures.

**Edit**.. now when I think about it, I don't even know why I have some games installed into my computer anymore.. I guess for the lols.
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