How do you pronounce "VI"

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It's v-eye
she says it in a bunch of her quotes

As well as the song. I mean WTH people? I can understand confusion around heroes without theme songs (Akali...Ack-a-lie? A-cay-lee?), but Vi? *smack smack*

Can't believe this thread got like 10 posts in before somebody finally pointed this out... Not only is it in her theme song "Here Comes Vi", but she calls herself by her own name in several quotes... "Vi is for Violence" etc...
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Plus it's a name.... Names are pronounced as they are given.
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Plus it's a name.... Names are pronounced as they are given.
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From: Darkemaste | #158
If you are not going to call her by her actual name/number, (inb4 roman numeral 6) at least pronounce the letters "V" and "I" properly, instead of trying to make it sound like one word.

If you want the "I" sound in "VI" to be heard, you need another vowel to follow it, which is why you pronounce "Die" or "Pie" like how they sound. If it were to be pronounced "Vie," that's how you'd have to spell it.

This is basic English people, gamefaks pls

What about Pi?

I dont think that is an English word.
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is that supposed to be kayle?
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People pronouce Akali as A (Long 'a' sound)-kay-lee? LOL.
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W-eye is this topic still going?
Its v-eye and the fact most of you didnt know that is sad.
Git lurned.
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hmm no clue... that's a good idea
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6 = vi or VI not Vi


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