D: [Somebody please help, I'm being ganked!]

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4 years ago#241
Sona, why were you running? I thought you could float?

Also, C.
4 years ago#242
I want all of that to happen, but mostly B and C.
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4 years ago#243
Tag. Hoping for some fap-worthy material.
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4 years ago#244
Lol im actually enjoying this.
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4 years ago#245
Sona_Buvelle posted...




High Five if you love Jesus!
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4 years ago#246
Sona, did you include Irelia just 'cause, or was it my post back on page 6 (on a 10 per page setting) that got her on the team?I just gotta know if this was coincidence.

Lemme know if you need more help, I'll recall Irelia and send her to you.

Oh, and I vote C. Time to plan revenge!

Of course, I'd love to see Katarina try to 'gank' someone who can fight back... Er, not that you didn't try, of course.
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4 years ago#247
D. kat and sona do sex while lux watches
4 years ago#248

Then spin-off side story of A after Katarina gets wrecked.
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4 years ago#249


4 years ago#250
And now Sona makes an alt to post the continued part with >_>
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