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4 years ago#381
Suffer_Not posted...
From: a5ny5 | #374
Sona_Buvelle posted...

lel this gif is traced over haruhi

Literally can't tell the difference between Haruhi and Clannad even after people post the exact image.

I am dissapoint.

never heard of it
4 years ago#382
bobguydude1 posted...
Sona_Buvelle posted...

i cant wait to see whats going on at base.

me neither!!!!!!
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4 years ago#383
Interesting, very interesting.
San Francisco 49ers
4 years ago#384
This topic actually makes me want to start using Mejai's.
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4 years ago#385
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4 years ago#386
4 years ago#387

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4 years ago#388

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4 years ago#389
Sona_Buvelle posted...

C - Outland

I want to see if male draenei will do tentacle things with the girls. :3
LoL IGN: Zebraoracle
4 years ago#390
Hrm, tough choice. All three are decent options, and could lead to something good.

I... guess B? I don't mind Twisted Treeline, and it's interesting to see how you change/ explain the Mejai's. I know there is going to be a fight eventually, but might as well give the three a chance to acclimate when they go through.

And of course, I'm thrilled you're including Irelia. She was my first champ outside of training and I always enjoy playing her, so seeing her in action is great. I'm interested to see how long her and Kat work together smoothly, though...
"Ironically, the word mature when applied to games tends to have a very childish connotation." -Erik J. Caponi of Bethesda Softworks
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