Jayce Help?

#1GreenBay11Posted 1/17/2013 6:13:43 PM
I like him a lot and want to play him but no nothing about him and tips or guides to point me in the right direction are greatly appreciated!

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#3funkys-flightsPosted 1/17/2013 6:37:46 PM
Start flask pot ward, work your way to boots vs your lane, then to brutalizer and phage, then finish both items and go from there depending on matchup.

Jayce is pretty flexible, going mostly dps and ga, or throw a warmogs on for hater mode
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#4BurningSwor145Posted 1/18/2013 2:02:25 AM
I still rush TriForce. So damn good on him.
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#5Gun SagePosted 1/18/2013 2:30:19 AM
He can build just about any way. Tank jayce is highly effective, Tanky Deeps Jayce is extremely effective, and DPS Jayce with just a little survivability still works great.

Personally, I build Cleaver, Bloodthirster, TF, Boots, Warmogs, and GA. Order depends on what I'm fighting and what my allies are. If there's no tank, I'll Brut, Vamp Sceptre, Phage, Warmogs, GA. If we have a tank and I'm doing well, I'll go Brut, usually rush a BT, then a TF. Causes the Q+E pokes to drop a third of the TANKS health while we're dancing around about to teamfight. Pretty nasty.

Really, what you need to do is learn his kit and how to combo it right. cQ+cE (Fire a Q, hit E as it's on it's way to speed it up and empower the shot while not giving a bit of a delay between when the gate goes down and when the shot goes out, adding a bit of surprise to your attack. cW will give your next 3 attacks max attack speed. Change to Hammer form, run through your gate, hQ onto your target with an hW to add damage, you'll get 3 attacks off extremely quickly, and slow the enemy. hE while in a position to push your target in a direction you want them. If they're still alive, auto attack until your form change comes up again, then qE+qC again witha qW to finish the target off.

Otherwise, you can chain your combos together in other ways. cW+hQ does a lot of damage, and you can initiate with that and follow up with a hE to push them into lane, then change form to cannon for the chase. It's all up to you really, and that's what makes him great.
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#6Stalky24Posted 1/18/2013 2:35:10 AM
BurningSwor145 posted...
I still rush TriForce. So damn good on him.

Please no. There is only one Jayce who is allowed to build this. Jungle Jayce.

Go Brutalier>Last Whisperer>Blood Thirster>finish Black Cleaver>Warmogs>SotD