are there any mages that would be considered hypercarries?

#21Bapps44Posted 1/18/2013 1:06:16 AM
kat * team dependent but can still do it*
ryze with muramana
syndra with muramana
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Shuriko posted...
it was a joke

its really ironic

youd expect me to say ryze is weak early-game but strong late

i said the opposite

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Shuriko posted...
From: DeleveleD | #005

ryze falls off late-game tho

Troll? nvm posted before i got to farther post in topic. my reaction was just like wtf instant post
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Ryze's carrying power rivals Vayne, for god's sake.
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Doesn't Veigar gain ap infinitely? I'd imagine if a game lasted enough time, Veigar definitely could hypercarry. Especially with spellsword. Sure spellsword is only 5% but what's 5% of infinite?
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Do you guys remember the season 2 game that got AP Kog nerfed to hell? He had so much AP that his auto attacks started doing ~15% max health. Prior to that late game AP Kog could carry.
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I wanna say Mordekaiser... because he turns his enemy team's hypercarry into his own :3