One female character gets a wedding day skin.

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zeppelin312 posted...
runaway bride Singed

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Annie if she was muslim
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Ashe(only if Trynd gets a skin as well)
The rest.
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zeppelin312 posted...
runaway bride Singed

where do I fund this.
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zeppelin312 posted...
runaway bride Singed

A wild mufficity appeared.

And had the best damn idea in the entire topic.
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Chaotic Warrior posted...
Katarina in a wedding dress, you could make her throw bouquets instead of daggers and such. So it could work.

bouquets don't bounce sorry buddy can't work, should go to Lux.

Daggers don't bounce either so whats your point?
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Veigar. And make all his emotes sound like he is pissed and hates the dress.
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anilEhilated posted...
Ashe actually has one. Well, she and Tryndamere.

Came in to post this.
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