Let's say you design a box for this game...

#11Shivan999999999Posted 1/18/2013 8:41:56 AM
Monarch Kog doing his dance with Teemo watching from a bush.

...The idea is to make the cover art so bad we see it every time we walk in a store because no one wants it, right?
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HotshotJoe posted...
gaara999999 posted...

yea i was wondering if anyone else realized this game was released with a box. it went free to play later.

Negative. It was always free-to-play.The box unlocked 20ish champions, gave you like $10 worth of RP, a unique skin for Kayle, and a couple unique runes I think. Not a bad deal for $20, especially back when 20 champions was half the roster.
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