So how are people building Rengar after the recent buff?

#1CrumpledPaperPosted 1/19/2013 8:43:37 AM
I've been trying BT -> CD or MR boots depending on the other team -> BC -> Warmogs -> Last Whisper -> Situational

Its been working well early to mid game but I'm noticing my damage falling off REALLY hard late game so I'm sure there has to be a better build out there
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He's still pretty bad, I'd say.
edit: Especially since Trinity is so much worse now.
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From: Dota2 | #002

I tried that two games

First game it was hilarious and the other team wanted to report me

Second game the carries were never alone so I died after lebonking them eheu :c
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hes still bad, that said.
rush BT
LW if high armor BC if low
IE/maybe rands or visage

do as much as possible to make them surrender early
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CrumpledPaper posted...
Second game the carries were never alone so I died after lebonking them eheu :c

But you bonked the carries so mission complete. Everyone goes home happy.
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Sword of the Divine is now core on Rengar.
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Rengar with his nerfs is still good for me, but I jungle. If you ever interested in Jungle here's my build.

MR or NT boots (depends who is the bigger threat)
Black Cleaver
Frozen Mallet
Runic or Warmogs depends if Aegis is built

That's it. :)
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o yea forgot Bonetooth Necklace. :)
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