Worst ****ing game of all time.

#1Karmic Dragon2003Posted 1/19/2013 9:20:32 AM
I went top since someone called mid in pre-game chat. First it looked like he was going as Ahri but then changed to Brand.

I was doing well at top as Jayce against Malphite but he was pushing so hard that I couldn't help out any other lane for a while. Our jungler (Kayle) died to minions 3 times. Brand was 0/9 12 minutes into the game. Nasus and Ezreal (don't ask) were doing alright at bot but when the score was 8 kills for our team and 35 for them we decided to surrender.
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Don't stop.
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Just so I can type in CAPS
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Hold onto that feeling.
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American Football <3
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wooooah ooo waaa ahhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh?
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soojungwa posted...
wooooah ooo waaa ahhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh?

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Just so I can type in CAPS