The champion on your last match

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4 years ago#51
Oh no...
either that or he'd be so gay that my head would explode. yes, that's possible.
Ask me about warspoons.
4 years ago#52
The World is changing every moment, also all life lives on the Earth.
The matter is not only how much better or faster you are but also How much relaiable or change you have. And it is time to check !

Do you ever checked it out ?
[url=]The Best gamer forum[/url]
4 years ago#53
Recently Intel was the only one to release a dual core processor mobile phone. I think it was Xolo. It has a Intel Atom processor in it. It was a nice device. You must check out the same on the official website where you can find more information on the processor and the OS used inside it.There is still lot of development pending in mobile devices. Today we are able to find a processor which offers a clock rate of 1Ghz due to Android. I think in future we will see multi-core processors also.

to follow:
The Best gamer forum
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