how do you play Jarvan?

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4 years ago#1
always wanted to be good with him
tried him during free week but i just dont understand him
hes not adc but hes not a tank
i wanna support but all i know is the shield thing (W?)

ult is cool but idk, kinda gimmicky
Delicious Erza
4 years ago#2

4 years ago#3
All the Demacians are bro's and work well together.
Learn to Flag>Spear.
Flag gives an AoE buff when on the ground.
Dunk all the enemies.
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4 years ago#4


You can get your W earlier if you need to stick to your opponent more, or are losing lane.


Start Flask/Ward/Pot
Black Cleaver
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4 years ago#5
Learn how to disrupt/escape with the flag/spear combo.
Spread your AA's to make the most out of your passive.
Don't trap your team with your ult.
Build semi-tanky with Atma's to boost your AD (my personal play style. It works well enough for me).
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4 years ago#6
Jungle him. Max flag first. If your team is tanky feel free to build damage like cleaver/triforce first(probably after upgrading machete to a madreds). If you are the teams only tank go for an early giants belt or something like that.
Knowing the right time and targets to use your combo and ult in teamfights takes experience, so don't give up on him too soon!
4 years ago#7
oh i should add
i cant jungle for ****
Delicious Erza
4 years ago#8
LANKAI09 posted...


I have 4 wins 0 losses as Jarvan support this season. 1350-1480 elo.
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4 years ago#9
oblivionscythe posted...
Build Atma's

Do not do this.
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4 years ago#10
Top > Jungle > Mid > Support

Never take him support, he just doesn't fill the role as he needs items to be effective.

Top is by far the best, just because it's an isolated lane and he has a very good escape manoeuvre in his E>Q, and he fits the meta of tanky dps there.

And yes, he is in fact a tank. Build him as such. The only AD you should be getting is Frozen Mallet, Atma's, maybe Maw, that's it.
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