How do you carry with noc?

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User Info: _RaveMaster_

4 years ago#11
I usually

Rush wriggles
gaints belt

Nocturne has pretty much OP ganks post 6 with red. The second you hit 6 if you aren't getting a double kill bot you're doing it wrong.

User Info: unlosing_ranger

4 years ago#12
Iv'e just tried going crit godl bonus blade, as boots, armor and bonus to monster, bloodthrister then getting runic balwark
Weed is for pansies. Shooting MDMA into your eyeballs is the only way to play this game.

User Info: Getfuzzy283

4 years ago#13
Jordo_d posted...
^^^bro is scared of the darkness

why is this so funny
"Do your thing boy, don't stop"

User Info: ssj4supervegeta

4 years ago#14
ganking. a lot.

you get your team ahead and then build tanky dps.
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  3. How do you carry with noc?

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