If there were a new item that restored mana like lifesteal, who's broken with it

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Birdman forever
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Swain best champion in the game. Ult forever.
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Dartkun posted...
Unless it also gave flat Mana, I don't see why Ryze would buy it.

Consider all the Mana whore characters, Swain, Anivia, Kass.

I want to say Ziggs also, no other character gives me problems like Ziggs mana >_>

Yes, if a Ryze is having mana problems by level 6 something has gone wrong.
And I'd get it on Corki sometimes, assuming it comes with AP or AD. He can burn through mana quick if you're using Q+W

If you build Manamure on Ryze, which takes 3% of your mana per spell for amazing damage, then it would be more useful.
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I wonder how a champion that did damage proportional to the amount of mana they had would fare.
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Mr. Ami Suzuki
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It wouldn't be broken at all actually, depending on how much it costs. Right now blue buff already make you have infinite mana, the only difference is we might actually see AP champs top. Again the cost and return is what will ultimately determine the balance.

If it similar to spellvamp cost/effect (reduced for AoE), only champs that build it will be those that must have blue like swain/anivia, the rest won't bother because it is 1k gold down the drain just for mana management.
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phantasmplus posted...
I wonder how a champion that did damage proportional to the amount of mana they had would fare.

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if the item returns enough mana tow here he can have his E up forever, karthus