Unofficial Patch Notes on the PBE

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4 years ago#121
They still haven't updated the rest of nidalee's splashes yet
4 years ago#122
poppy nerf why?
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4 years ago#123
kinghigh88 posted...
Finally Lubu skin for xin

Jarvan you mean, Xin gets the Zhoa Yun skin
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4 years ago#124
Alistar's passive always damaged structures. This is just a tooltip change or something.
4 years ago#125
Elise tiny slap on the wrist despite being blatantly overpowered.
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4 years ago#126
Nerfs everywhere!
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4 years ago#127
Vlad didn't have a nerf and AP gets buffed up a bit, cool

The warmage has some synergy with Thresh IMO but don't quote me on that
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4 years ago#128
Kha'Zix leaping the nerf bat. Aw yeah.

He still needs to get hit by it though.
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4 years ago#129
I have decided I am happy with all of these balance changes. More balance pls.
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4 years ago#130
Fiddlesticks' fear hasn't been touched I see. 3 second CC is absolutely ridiculous.
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