Unofficial Patch Notes on the PBE

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ryudo500 posted...
so what happened to nunus BB ??

The heat of Nunu and a target ally's blood rises,increasing Movement Speed by 8/9/10/11/12% and Attack Speed by 25/30/35/40/45% for 12/12/12/12/12 seconds.

Use to go up to 65% AS for 15 seconds and 15% MS.
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Siblingz posted...
Cho gath nerf why

Warwick buff?

because he's in every game? and WW was just a change to the wording of his passive.
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oh my.


thanks. looks liek we mite b seeing less cait+nunu lanes
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Yay they didn't touch Diana and nerfed Elise to the ground. Im so happy *.*
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I hope that mana cost for Elise's Q doesn't stick, It's a bit over the top.
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btw does that mean theres no reason to get deathcap over dfg?
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the_rowan posted...
It's not a Nashor's nerf. It's Fiendish Codex getting a different recipe that doesn't involve mana regen anymore. If Fiendish Codex is now cheaper to make in total (we only see the recipe cost there), then Nashor's Tooth has actually been buffed because its recipe cost was lowered. I can't think of anyone that builds Nashor's that wants mana regen so badly, anyway.

If the price is reduced, that's great then. Though I built this item for Kayle mainly, so the mana regen was actually rather useful.
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Nerf nearly everything, doesn't touch warmorgs.

Just wtf.
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lots of good balance decisions here, i love it. New ap/armor item is great
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