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Gragas or Zac?Metal Gear Raxis54/24 10:29AM
Can anyone make one of these, except for League of Legends?
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Dota2154/24 10:06AM
There should be a support that can dispel effects on your teammates____poi54/24 9:39AM
After 188 games of almost only playing yasuo, finally hit gold...
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FighterStreet174/24 9:34AM
Will these guys go to jail if I report them to the police?CreampieBaker84/24 9:31AM
GFAQS Judgement: Eve (Poll)
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SeizureGoat154/24 9:29AM
So ladies, let's hear from you
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SpunkySix204/24 9:22AM
Faker proving to be a scrubOEIO99984/24 9:17AM
I made my Psych class final about league of legends
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Unit1027194/24 9:17AM
Ok so where do I need to improve and how do I do it?
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Althax194/24 9:03AM
AD or AP Kog'maw?angelusalvus64/24 8:48AM
Why don't more mid laners take exhaust?
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Shulkpwns154/24 8:43AM
The next League champ should be a Dancer or Battle Diva.
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Kuro_Yuki_Hime134/24 7:45AM
Wow holy crap Kat's old VA was AWFUL
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Shulkpwns234/24 7:43AM
i still play gnar supportWayavas34/24 7:37AM
What do you guys think of Maomai?
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locky723164/24 6:54AM
So why isn't Zac getting played?
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Bhellium184/24 6:44AM
Who is the most balanced champion in the League and why is it Vel'Kozby?sk8r_ryan104/24 6:36AM
Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 04/23/2015 - New Icon for The Black Cleaverscaler2454/24 6:17AM
First or Last (Poll)
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Unit1027124/24 5:54AM