Get Bastion/Dota/Unreal Announcer in LoL w/ Video

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Do you have to re-install this every time there's a new patch?

I'm curious about this as well.
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grand_commander posted...
Was the minute and a half of reminding League of Legends players what the announcer normally sounds like really necessary?

Well I planned on having 1 solid clip without cutting to prove that it wasn't a virus. But Fraps killed that plan.

Glad you all like it.

As to the DotA specific lines, they were just left out. The one thing I REALLY like about this announcer is that he will tell you how much of a killing spree someone is on.


"8 and 0."
"How many is that now? I don't even remember."

Just a heads up to let you know, we should probably gank this dude.

Also, I DO NOT think that you have to re-install this after a patch. My friend never did. But I don't play LoL anymore, so I dont really know.
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Well, this is certainly relevant to my interests!
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The hell with that. Cruella de Lol is top-tier announcer.
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ArtosRC posted...
The hell with that. Cruella de Lol is top-tier announcer.

Who is that? I tried googling it, but couldn't find anything lol.
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Wow, sweet.
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Tc anyway to get the death prophet announcer in LoL yet?
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Huh, I want to make my own announcer voice now.
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I keep trying this but the patcher doesn't do anything and the Unreal Tournament Mod just comes up with a black box with text that disappears as quickly as it comes up :(
Print screened it, is complaining about not being able to find something called idea what that is.
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