There is a thread on the COD board saying this is the most toxic community

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All that tells me is those kids were too young to game online when communities were really a problem.

Or they are old enough now to be annoyed by it, and were young enough back then not to care as much.

Ive been around since day one.
What community did you think was real bad back in the day?

Day one? Like the birth of the Internet?

Day one of online gaming at least.
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From: DepressedOtter | #008
Modern Warfare on PC has a really mature community, actually.

but none of you would actually know that because you all assume lel xbox cod kidde XD

Hi, I've played every cod that has ever been made for the PC, from COD to COD2, to COD4, to waw, to blops to mw2 to mw3 to blops2. Over 300 hours in each of the last few games which are crap, several thousand on cod, cod2 and cod4.

The community is worse, get over it.

im not sure what servers you play on pal but the ones i did were full of mature people

if you like being wrong thats fine but please dont actually think you're right.

"I played on mature serves therefor the community is mature"

The fact is most people would disagree with you, just cause you happened to play with mature people it doesn't mean the thousands upon thousands of servers you never once joined weren't full of immature people.

It also raises the question of what you consider immature, immature people tend to have a bigger tolerance for the immature. What you consider mature, someone else might consider annoying and dumb.

The fact you're trying to use your limited experience as proof of CoD on the PC not having a immature community, tells me you're probably pretty young.
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Any Halo game.

Why do people say this? I played Halo competitively for many years and I would definitely say that Halo's community is much less toxic and unfriendly as either being compared in the OP.
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In online gaming.

It probably is. Who the **** cares anyway?

You do by that butthurt reaction.


It's the exact opposite. Free game means access to anyone. Everyone knows anonimity + free usage = douchebaggery. It's only natural some communities are toxic. You basically proved my point on that. It's the fact that I don't let it get to me that makes me say 'who cares'.

You probably have your reasons for doing it, and I wouldn't wish an abusive childhood on anyone, so you'll only get sympathy from me.
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This is definitely the worst community.

FFXI had nothing toxic about the community. It sucked, people were stuck up and not all that helpful but it wasn't "toxic". Even WoW is a lot worse than FFXI ever was.

COD is just kids arguing because it's fun to argue and goof off when you're that age, it happens frequently but not EVERY game.

LOL has stupidity in it EVERY game I play. It doesn't even matter what game mode it is. It could be a game vs bots and someone will start it out calling everybody noobs and someone else will start spouting off instructions and tips on what we have to do to win.

The people in this game aren't even just toxic, they're also flat out stupid.
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Facts don't mean **** to me.
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DepressedOtter posted...
Modern Warfare on PC has a really mature community, actually.

but none of you would actually know that because you all assume lel xbox cod kidde XD

They werent so friendly when i was playing that game, they only yelled at each other.
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They're in middle school, right? They probably got "Commonly" mixed up with "Community"