what do you do when you are paired with a fid who wants to play support?

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Support Fiddlesticks is super good man...

the silence doesnt stop auto attacks and the range is so short on his fear that his just implodes... hes not exactly a tank...

it doesnt help either when they ward for 3 min then proceed to forget they are playing support....

Depends on what you build on fiddlesticks, you play AP ? well it wont work.

Use defense and CD masteries .. somehow flat AP and GPS for runes.

If you're playing support, your role is to distract, disable and make a way for your ADR to have an open fire moment to the enemy.

3rd skill of fiddle do descent damage if you know how to use it, fear is well described itself. Drain will enable him to do distraction since he can use it even on creeps (after distraction and received descent damage, instant heal).

Support always plays the role of the warder, GPS will maintain it though. Exhaust and Flash for the Summ. Skills.

I guess it's more appropriate to call supports as sustain and micros than tanks. You're just saying such things because you didn't know the capabilities of fiddlesticks specially on clashes.

He can even turn the table on dragon-taking moments. Let's just say that supporting as fiddle is more of defensive/turn table tactics rather than offensive/engager one.
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the silence doesnt stop auto attacks and the range is so short on his fear that his just implodes... hes not exactly a tank...

It's 575 range. More range than most carries have. I mean, Caitlyn doesn't care at all but someone like Graves is going to be feared for 3 seconds and then silenced right as he regains control so he can proceed to not flash and then die miserably.

If it is an intelligent pick given the team composition and context then I am fine with it. If the player is counter picking themselves and setting us up for an unnecessarily difficult game, I'll mention it. if we're playing normals, then why am I even thinking about composition. It's normals. You play those to practice what you want to playso I'm cool with people playing whatever they want.

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ap support requirment
poke check
peel check
skills not reliant on ap check
other utility check

fiddle works :O

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The only things I expect from my support is to help me be aware of incoming ganks and keep presence in lane. They do that, they can be whoever they want. Even if they take a few kills. That just means that I need to step up my game and stop letting them have all the fun.

I am in full support of uncoventional supports as long as they play support not exactly babysitter, but support. While warding is the responsibility of the whole team, warding should be a high priority for supports. If there are no wards, we get ganked constantly. If we get ganked constantly someone is getting left to die and I have flash and an escape, sooooo.......

That being said, support Darius is surprising.
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I play like I would with other supports.

agreed, complaining and moaning isn't going to win you the game so might as well try and make it work.
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