>gets on level 15 because ranked dodge

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this isn't a case of "omg matchmaking wtff!!!"

when you smurf, you stomp games and win a LOT more than you lose and that drastically improves your normal elo and then it starts matching you against higher and higher players (your queue times will also get pretty damn high).

The 30s you versed have bad normal elo and so you end up against them (despite them being not bad in ranked).

You're a smurf and you're not being put against real main account level 15 players, that's matchmaking actually working.

But he has 29 wins and 25 losses. 28 before this game. So...


It's a smurf for 2 reasons.

1. For ranked dodges.
2. For playing on my 10fps netbook where level 15s actually challenge me.

My win/loss sucks. So why do I get matched with people who outclass me when I play on my normal account?
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