No lulu!!!! ;____;

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User Info: orcus_snake

4 years ago#1
"Warwick are you jungling"
"No I'm standing by the wolves because I miss my family"

User Info: Susan0

4 years ago#2
I shed a tear, and I ate an orange and it was k.
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User Info: EcchiBaka

4 years ago#3
Makes me wanna learn Lulu.
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User Info: RunesCall

4 years ago#4
Good girl Lulu. ;c
The most memorable moments in life are the ones we never took the time to plan.

User Info: FvP

4 years ago#5
<3 Lulu <3
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User Info: aHappySacka

4 years ago#6
Great...thanks for ruining my day.
Kitty Kat --> /\_/\

User Info: Grimtron

4 years ago#7
Rin is mai Waifu
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User Info: Somnambulistic

4 years ago#8
That was legitimately sad.


You wanna live forever?

User Info: Badmood136

4 years ago#9
All of my feels. You can have them all!
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User Info: DoctorEggman

4 years ago#10
and then she respawned and decided to invest in a BV so that would never happen again
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