i just got backdoored in an ARAM

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3 years ago#1
down to our last nexus turret, entire enemy team is there.

we kill them, start running down to end the game.

tryndamere was apparently hiding in the side bush on purple side to backdoor us.

who the **** does that ****?
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3 years ago#2
Wtf Backdoor?

It's 1 lane bro , you'd have to be blind not to see trynd back door
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3 years ago#3
Everyone. It's suprisingly effective as a last resort.
3 years ago#4
Yeah I had a panth do that, annoying stuff
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3 years ago#5
Someone trying to win? What is this blasphemy?

Next you'll tell me some weirdos play this game because it's fun.
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3 years ago#6
I do this with Teemo FREQUENTLY.

Assuming nobody bought Oracles in the last 5 minutes, they either have to A) Push and let me backdoor, or B) Hang out until I'm seen/dead. Not seeing a teemo and knowing that he's invisible somewhere on the map is a nice push deterrent.
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3 years ago#7
I play a lot of ARAM so I've actually seen it happen quite a few times. I've seen Panth and TF manage to skip past a push and take it out as well as Teemo and Shaco hide in a bush and use invisibility to sneak in.
3 years ago#8
So he frontdoored you? Nice tactic, sucks for you.
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